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Daniel Chapter 9

The Jewish prophet Daniel received the Seventy Sevens vision from Yahweh in the year 456 BC while he was exile in Babylon.  If you read this interpretation of Daniel’s vision and it causes your heart to glorify the great and awesome God of Israel, who rules over the kings of the earth, then please distribute […]

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Rev 17:11 Man of lawlessness

The second coming of Jesus Christ will not happen until the “man of lawlessness is revealed” (2 Thes 2:3).   In this context it is undeniable that the rapture of Christians will also happen after anti-christ is revealed.  It seems to me that a great many Christians today are unwilling or unable to understand the many overt exhortations found throughout the book […]

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Rev 17:9-11 The seven heads of the sea beast of Revelation

The sea beast (Rev 13:1) is the fourth beast that the prophet Daniel saw (Daniel 2:40, 7:7). This is made more certain by the leopard, bear, and lion elements of the lower body of the sea beast (Rev 13:2). Looking backwards from the Apostle John’s vision back to Daniel’s vision the four beasts are identified […]

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