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Daniel Chapter 9

The Jewish prophet Daniel received the Seventy Sevens vision from Yahweh in the year 456 BC while he was exile in Babylon.  If you read this interpretation of Daniel’s vision and it causes your heart to glorify the great and awesome God of Israel, who rules over the kings of the earth, then please distribute […]

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Tribulation Now

Great tribulation is happening today against the Christian Church in Syria, Iraq, and North Africa. In fact these modern day saints are experiencing the same difficulties described in The Revelation of Jesus Christ which is also the last book of the Bible. Consider that actual world events are unfolding contrary to the widespread pre-tribulation interpretation […]

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Daniel’s Seventieth Seven

[Daniel 9:24-27]  Daniel’s Seventieth Seven Daniel’s 70th seven represents seven years divided equally into two parts.  The first 3 ½ years belongs to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ from the time he was baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist until he was crucified on Passover 32 AD.  The last 3 […]

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