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Rev 6:12-7:17 Sixth Seal Rapture of All Christians

Scripture clearly indicates that there is only going to be one rapture and that it will happen during the great tribulation described in Revelation. Comparing Matthew and Revelation clarifies the timing of the rapture to happen during the great tribulation and after the sixth seal has been opened.  Please note that all the verses in […]

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Rev 6-16 Wrath of God follows sixth seal rapture of all Christians

The purpose of this post is to dispel the notion of a hidden rapture occurring  before the visible appearance of Jesus Christ. The idea of a hidden rapture is a predominant evangelical teaching today.  It was first popularized by John Darby in 1827 and then other prominent theologian’s embraced the idea and made this errant […]

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Rev 7:14 Rapture will happen during “the great tribulation”

At the time approaching Jesus second coming he will send forth his angels to gather all Christians from the earth.   This is also known as the rapture when all living Christians will be immediately translated into the presence of Jesus along with those who have previously died.  Scripture is clear, however, that Christians must first […]

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